Tuesday, 29 October 2013

After Eden by Helen Douglas: Read the First Chapter!

Hey guys! 
It's been a while since I've posted up anything like this, but I'm so incredibly excited about this book, that I just had to share! I received an email from Bloomsbury last week (while I was on holiday, hence this being published here only now) with a link to an online version of the first chapter of Helen Douglas' After Eden. If you don't already know what it's about, here are the details you need to know :)

After Eden by Helen Douglas
Series: After Eden #1
Pages: 288
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release date: 7th November 2013
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Goodreads synopsis:
Eden Anfield loves puzzles, so when mysterious new boy Ryan Westland shows up at her school she's hooked. On the face of it, he's a typical American teenager. So why doesn't he recognise pizza? And how come he hasn't heard of Hitler? What puzzles Eden the most, however, is the interest he's taking in her.

As Eden starts to fall in love with Ryan, she begins to unravel his secret. Her breakthrough comes one rainy afternoon when she stumbles across a book in Ryan's bedroom - a biography of her best friend - written over fifty years in the future. Confronting Ryan, she discovers that he is there with one unbelievably important purpose ... and she might just have destroyed his only chance of success.

How thrilling does this book sound?! I don't think I could be more excited about it! And like I said, the prologue and first chapter of it has been posted online by Bloomsbury for your reading pleasure.

Click here to read the first chapter of After Eden

If you decide to give it a read, let us know what you think in the comments below! How excited are you to read the rest? What do you think might happen?
I hope you're as excited about this as I am!


caroline.taylor078 said...

This sounds so intriguing, I had never even heard about it yesterday and now today I have seen it on 3 blogs, it really does sound thrilling, wish I wasn't kind of on a book buying ban at the moment.

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