Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wishlist Wednesday #125

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by Kim Lakin-Smith

With its population of teen motor sport enthusiasts, promoters, grease monkeys and drivers, life in the steam and gas powered metropolis of Autodrome is all about the race. On the same day that 15 year old Zar Punkstar qualifies as a Pro Leaguer, he finds his inventor father murdered, and a clue - a Paranascope scroll containing a holographic map of the city. An encounter with the mysterious race promoter, Braxton Earl, leads him to enter the city’s infamous Ramrod Rally, a series of races, obstacle courses and death traps in Autodrome’s notorious outer suburbs, The Eras. His team mates include fellow racer and number one crush, Raina Jubilique, and a group of jaded ex-Pro Leaguers who’d sooner stab each other in the back as race together. His opposition are a mixed bag of polished Pro Leaguers, hired thugs, and parts’ pirates. But who to trust in a world of competitors? And for a champion like Zar, is the ultimate prize to win the Ramrod or outwit a killer?

I stumbled on this book earlier in the week, and it definitely has me mega interested.
It's obvious what originally drew me in. That cover is something else! For a start, the character really stands out; she's edgy, tough-looking but with an edge of glamour, and it's obvious she can take care of herself. Immediately I'm thinking 'strong female character'.
There also seems to be a steampunk edge to it. From the description, it obviously isn't steampunk, exactly, but I think certain elements may have a steampunk feel to them, especially with the motor sports element, and with a title like that, it leads me to believe that there is some steampunk influence in there somewhere.
But wow, oh wow, this sounds like a really unique read.
There aren't too many reviews floating around for it at the moment, that I can see, but hopefully, when I decide to get it on my shelves and then get it read, it will live up to, or even exceed expectations!

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Ingrid said...

The cover would have let me to pick up the book too. It has a bit of an art nouveau style to it, all swirly and organic. I like that a lot. But I am not sure that the story itself is my cup of tea. I'll probably have to check out some reviews before considering buying this one.

mei li said...

Very nice post for all who are looking for link building (which i'm focusing these days). Thanx man!!

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