Monday, 28 May 2012

The Lilith Straight Blog Tour: Thank you from Michelle & giveaway winners!

Hey everyone!
So, the Lilith Straight blog tour sadly ended on Saturday, but I really enjoyed every moment of it - I loved reading all of the different guest posts that you guys came up with with Michelle, the author/character interviews were all really interesting and inventive, and the reviews were really great too!
This is a huge thank you to all of the bloggers that took part in this tour - we could not have done it without you - and I hope you'll all look forward to the next in the series (which a little birdie told me is written, and awaiting editing, but shhh you didn't hear it from me ;P).

So anyway, enough of my rambling ... I have a very special thank you message from Michelle to share with all of you guys today, so I'll leave you in her capable hands :)

"For the past seven days, Lilith Straight and I have been touring the Internet, traveling from one terrific blog to another giving interviews and writing guest posts.  It’s been an amazing trip!
I want to thank all of the bloggers who graciously hosted me.  I appreciate all of your time in working on this.  All of you have such terrific blogs, and you do readers a great service by bringing new books to our attention.  After reading your posts, my bookshelf and wish list are crammed with new titles.

A very, very special thanks goes to the Dani and Pen to Paper who not only came up with the concept of the tour, but who also spent a great deal of time and energy in coordinating the entire event, creating a gorgeous banner, and promoting the tour.  I hope you give yourself a much needed break after all that hard work!
Finally, thank you to everyone who followed the tour and entered to win!
Now…time to announce the winners!

This blogger has won a $20.00 gift from The Book Depository:
-          Mely from Journey with Words
The following four people have won e-copies of Straight to Heaven:
-          Donna Marie
-          Artemis
-          Kimberly C.
-          Victoria
And the grand prize of an iPod shuffle goes to:
-          Teressa O.

Thank you all again.  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer with plenty of time to read!"
Thank you again to everyone that took part in or followed the tour.
If you're wondering what on Earth I'm going on about, you can view all of my tour update posts HERE, where you will find links to each of the blog stops on the tour.


Aliaa El-Nashar said...

Really? It's done? Oh I can't wait till it's out! :D

Mel said...

It was an amazing tour and a great book to read. Thank you to both of you. I'll be reading (and reviewing) the second book soon. And Oh So Thank You for the giveaway ^.^

Michelle Scott said...

You are *so* welcome, Mel :) Thanks everyone! I think it was a wonderfully successful tour.

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

A big thank you to Dani & Michelle, I loved being part of the tour! Thank you guys :D

Michelle I have to say I have enjoyed the books, they were fab :D

Dani you are an amazing tour co-ordinator.

Jen - Chocolate Chunky Munkie

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