Friday, 6 January 2012

**Guest Post** Genny at Books are my Heroine!

A few of you may remember that a little while ago, I was featured as a guest blogger at the wonderful blog, Books are my Heroine. Genny's blog is a refreshing unique one - a book blog like no other. Rather than blogging anything about the books she reads, she focuses on the wonderful literary heroines of the novels she reads. Taking her theme into account when I did my guest post for her blog, I spoke about my favourite fantasy and YA literary heroines (CLICK HERE to view my guest post).

I honestly believe that Genny's blog is one of the most unique and interesting blogs out there today, and so it gives me great pleasure to be able to invite her back to Pen to Paper, as our very own guest blogger!
So I'm not going to do any more of the talking now... I'll hand you over to the very intelligent and talented Genny! Welcome to Pen to Paper!

Thanks for inviting me to contribute, Dani! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Genny – or HeroineAddict - and I am the brain behind Books Are My Heroine, a book blog devoted to featuring literature about strong, independent heroines. The idea for starting a blog originally came to me after my best friend found success with her beauty blog. However, I really wanted to provide readers with something original and unique – I wanted to find myself a niche among the thousands of book bloggers on the web. I spent time examining the types of books that I usually find myself drawn to and I noticed a trend: all my very favourite books starred amazing heroines, from the brave and selfless Tatiana to the hilarious and good-hearted Becky Bloomwood. Alas, my love for reading and my passion for inspirational heroines gave birth to the basis for Books Are My Heroine.

While it may seem nutty to limit myself to such a narrow range of books on my blog (though I reassure you that great heroines are literally clogging the shelves in your local booksellers), I really feel like I'm doing something important and worthwhile. I view promoting novels featuring admirable, intelligent and capable women as taking a stand for women's rights; not only as a reminder to men that we can do more than just look pretty (though I must say we are rather excellent in that department!) but also as a reminder to girls that we must value ourselves for more than just our outer appearances. Through my blog, I hope to spread what I like to call the "Smexy Revolution" – the idea that woman can be smart and sexy, without sacrifice from either trait. We must find in ourselves the balance between being a walking brain and being the gorgeous kittens we know we are. Let's prove to the world that beauty and brains can live together in one very smexy package!

Some of my favourite heroines that inspired the Smexy Revolution include:

– Tatiana Metanova from The Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simons: Tatiana battles fearlessly through bombs, blitzes, starvation and a frozen tundra in this WW II era series, rescuing the hero, Alexander, many times over. This captivating love story is only made more powerful by Tatiana's incredible inner strength and her refusal to play second fiddle to her hero. This amazing series has started the trend among my circle of friends to ask ourselves "What Would Tatiana Do?" in moments of doubt.
– Melanie Stryder/Wanderer from The Host by Stephenie Meyer: While I don't quite think Bella Swan from Twilight is in on the smexy revolution, Stephenie Meyer really gets there with these two brave, generous and selfless adventurers in The Host. If you're looking for some kick-butt girls in action, check this out!
– Astrid Magnussen from White Oleander by Janet Fitch: There are many different ways to be a heroine, and Astrid's quiet courage and intelligence as she carries on through her struggles as a foster child shunted from home to home definitely qualifies her. Her unfailing strength and her unwillingness to give in to the madness of her murderer mother's torment is truly inspirational, not to mention beautifully written.
– Julie Jacobs from Juliet by Anne Fortier: Julie Jacobs is the defining heroine for any woman who feels a little bit lost, a little bit ignored and a little bit lonely. Longing for something more, Julie bravely conquers the danger of Siena, Italy, as she uncovers the mystery of the real story of Romeo and Juliet. A tale about stepping out of the woodwork, Julie's journey from shy and homely to vibrant and confident is a pleasure to read.
– Hermione Granger from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: Obviously, Hermione Granger is the poster girl for the smexy revolution. If you have yet to be stunned by her unbeatable combination of brains, bravery and Emma Watson's gorgeous face, you must be living under a rock!
– Becky Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella: Becky Bloomwood proves that you don't need to be a star student to show the world that a pretty face can have a things to share, too. Enthusiastic, witty and resourceful, Becky has a heart of gold and will cause you to bust a gut laughing. Like any best friend, she can pick up your day and end it in smiles.

I hope you all will consider yourselves members of the Smexy Revolution from here on out and join me in showing the world just how powerful women really are. Thanks again for including me here on Pen to Paper and happy holidays, everyone!

Click Genny's blog button image at the top of this post to head over and check the blog out! Definitely try giving her a follow guys - she's a wonderfully talented lady!


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