Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Time Will Come #3

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The More You Ignore Me by Jo Brand
Waterstone's synopsis:
A genuinely funny and original novel about mental illness, growing up and parental breakdown from much-loved comedienne Jo Brand. Alice is five, and convinced she needs five personalities to cope. Her family, tucked in a cottage in deepest Herefordshire, are a bit weird. Her mother Gina is obsessed with the weatherman on the local news and when she climbs naked onto the roof with Alice's pet guinea pig in her arms, she is whisked off to the local psychiatric hospital. Keith, Alice's father, tries to keep calm, but his patience is severely tested by his in-laws. The only thing that gives Alice's hope is her love for Morrissey of The Smiths...

I bought this some time last year - I think it was one of the first books I bought when I started working at Waterstone's. I am a huge fan of Jo Brand's comedy, and I love to keep dipping in and out of her autobiography (which is equally as hilarious), but I just haven't gotten round to reading her novels. I think it's been slightly overlooked in favour of other reads in the past, especially since I've started University, because I tend to want a nice, light read for myself, when I'm reading the more challenging books for my studies. I will eventually get around to you Jo! Perhaps I should make this my challenge read for next year? It's a definite possibility!


Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

I've not read any of her books Dani. If her humour comes through in the books, then I bet it is an excellent and amusing read. I hope you get round to it soon :D

Jen x

Voguedotcom said...

It definitely does in her autobiography (the first one, I don't have the second yet). I should imagine it does come through in this!

:) Dani xx

Nikki-ann said...

Thanks for sharing this review. I didn't realise Jo Brand had written any novels, though I do have her autobiography here waiting to be read.

Louisa said...

Looks pretty amazing! Hope you get to read it soon!

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