Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cherry surprise cupcakes!

Again, as the people who already know me probably know, I am not only an avid reader, but also an avid baker. My speciality in baking has lately revealed itself to be in cake - I've made much more cake than I have anything else, although I can also make pretty tasty biscuits.

Yesterday I headed off to Barton Marina at Barton Upon Needwood with my Mum for the day, and as always we had a look around the butchers - they sell other things as well as the meat on offer, so I of course found myself looking around the baking products. I ended up buying a bottle of the lavender sugar crystals. So today, I decided that I would try my new purchase out and make my own recipe cupcakes.
I call them my cherry surprise cupcakes because they have cherry jam at their hearts. I think they look pretty cute, and they taste delicious!

I started learning to bake when I was very small. My grandmother (on my Dad's side) was a great baker, and she was particularly good at making a classic Victoria Sponge. When I was very young, both of my parents worked full time, and occasionally I would have to stay with my grandparents. This is when I learnt to bake and I believe where I also got my enthusiasm for baking from. I was taught my Grandmother's recipe for Victoria Sponge first, and moved onto other cakes soon afterwards. Unfortunately she passed away when I was just 12 years old, so I have continued to learn and bake on my own after her passing.


A book I wholeheartedly recommend to any bakers, amateur or otherwise, would be Baking Magic by Kate Shirazi - such a wonderful little book with the most wonderful recipe ideas for cakes, muffins, biscuits and even a couple of savoury options. There is something for everyone in there - easy or difficult to make, and for any taste. My particular favourite is the chocolate fondant cupcakes. Delicious!
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Hades2 said...

I've been lucky enough to sample some of your cupcakes and they were delish :D x

Voguedotcom said...

Thank you hun :) These are nearly all gone now haha - there's only one left that I've saved for Matt. xx

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