Sunday, 10 March 2013

Showcase Sunday #20

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful Vicky at Books, Biscuits & Tea, where we will show off the books and eBooks we received each week.

Physical Books
Stray by Monica Hesse
The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman
Trash by Andy Mulligan
Something Like Normal by Trish Doller
Earth Girl by Janet Edwards (my review)
Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger
Unrest by Michelle Harrison
Delirium by Lauren Oliver (Sequel reviews: Pandemonium & Requiem)
The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole:
I've been attempting to cut down on the amount of eBooks I buy or request for review at the moment, but it's really difficult to cut back, especially as I don't have to try and find space for any of the books.
I made an exception for this book though, because not only is it Kresley Cole's first YA novel, it was also on the Kindle Daily Deal for 99p, so I couldn't really pass up an opportunity to get it for so little.
Hopefully I'll get around to reading it soon!

The Moon Child by Mark Lucek:
I got this one to review from the publisher via NetGalley, and I was really intrigued by it, just from reading the first line of the synopsis: "The Moon Child is an inventive and thrilling historical fantasy, set during the dark ages". This really interests me. I've never read a book set in the dark ages, let alone a fantasy set in those time, so fingers crossed this will be a good read!

Book Haul Catch Ups
As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't done any book haul videos, or Showcase Sunday posts in such a long time, so the list of books I've been getting, that I want to show you guys, has grown to an enormous length.
I've decided that in order to get you all up to speed with what I've been receiving, I will be doing book haul catch up videos, a few books at a time, over the next few weeks.
I did one on Thursday, so I thought I'd post it down here for you guys to enjoy :)


Maji Bookshelf said...

oh WOW! a ton of amazing books!! I recently got Earth Girl for review and will check out your review to hopefully make me excited to pick it up as soon as possible! I also really want to read Poison Princess!!

awesome book haul,
- Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

Faye (Daydreaming_Star) said...

So many books! woooo! I loved Unrest by Michelle Harrison! Hope you like it too! :D

Looking forward to your Book Haul catch up videos! :D

Here's my Weekly Highlights for this week! :D


Ellie Warren said...

Some great books this week. I enjoyed The Tiny Wife and Earth Girl and have The Shining Girls to read, yay!

Jess Hearts Books! said...

I've never heard of The Tiny Wife before but it sounds really good! I'm very intrigued by it. Let The Sky Fall sounds amazing and has such a beautiful cover I think I might have to give in and get myself a copy! I really loved Unrest so I hope you will too. :-) Happy reading Dani! x

bookarooju said...

An awesome stash. I really want to read Let the Sky Fall, so I hope you enjoy it. And I only just read Delirium in November. It's quite slow paced but still a pretty unique concept and an enjoyable read. Have a great Sunday. :o)


Ula (Blog of Erised) said...

Great haul! I need to start on Beautiful Creatures soon.


Enjoy your books!
My haul

Nina said...

The Tiny Wife sounds really good. I already added that book to the wishlist. The other books you got sound amazing as well.

Have fun reading the books you got.
J'adore Happy Endings

Zoe Crook said...

Awesome haul! Delirium is amazing and Trash is good too - both really unique stories :) I hope you enjoy your books!

My SS:

Laura @Bookish Treasures said...

Delirium is AMAZING! Enjoy all your great books.

My Showcase Sunday

Natalie Frampton said...

Great haul Dani!.
The Shining Girls sounds very intriguing. Hope you enjoy everything!

Leah Woods said...

Awww some really awesome books, I hope you enjoy them :). I've just finished reading 'Delirium' and it has blown my mind!
Here's my Showcase Sunday :)

Dani Chapman said...

What a lovely recap for the week! So many great books there. Happy Reading!!! My Sunday Edition @ Paulette’s Papers

marybiscuits said...

Wow!! You got tons of books here!! Unrest and the Delirium trilogy have been sitting on my TBR list for far to long! I need to start reading them!! Hope you enjoy all your great books!

My Showcase Sunday!

Nikki Finn said...

Hi Dani, that is a very nice post, thank you for recommending and showing some new books I have not seen :) I definitely am now in love with Something Like Normal, planning to buy the paperback.. (I love them :D) ... thank you, have a nice day. Greetings from the Czech Republic :)

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