Friday, 7 September 2012

First Page Friday #5

First Page Friday is a new weekly feature at Pen to Paper, where I will post the first page of a (probably) Young Adult book, that I am particularly excited about, or have already read and loved.
The Forsaken
by Lisa Stasse
Publisher: Orchard Books
Pages: 432
Release date: 2nd August 2012
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Goodreads synopsis:
Alenna Shawcross is a sixteen-year-old orphan growing up in a police state formed from the ashes of Canada, the US and Mexico after a global economic meltdown. 

But when she unexpectedly fails ‘the test’ - a government initiative which supposedly identifies teens destined to be criminals - she wakes up alone on a remote island reserved for the criminally insane. 

Terrified and confused, she soon encounters a group of other teen survivors battling to stay alive, including Liam, a boy who will become her love... and her lifeline. 

Soon Alenna makes the terrifying discovery that there’s more to the island (and her past) than she could ever have guessed... But who can she trust? And can she ever escape?

The First Page

My Thoughts...

This is only the second occasion, where I am featuring a book on First Page Friday, that I haven't actually read myself, yet. So again, I am reading the first page, for the first time, without any influence from the experience of the story as a whole.
I have to say that this book seems to be immediately gripping and exciting, which makes me want to pick it up now. We're straight into the action, thrown right into the middle of things, and already I have a need  to know what is happening. I have loads of questions, on top of this; "Why are the military police there for them, what did they do?", "Why did the Government restrict all travel?", "How is she going to deal with becoming an orphan at such a young age, in an apparently quite violent world?" etc... the list could really go on for a while - and this is only the first page!
If the first page is anything to go by, then this book is going to be something really quite incredible, and I can't wait to read it!

Have you read The Forsaken? What did you think of it? 
If you haven't, does this first page make you want to pick it up, if you weren't already considering it? 
Let us know in the comments :) 


beccabooklover said...

Reading the blurb, well the first paragraph even I had 'Hunger Games' flashing in my mind and the cover does seem Katniss like. But it sounds pretty interesting. I'm enjoying dystopian novels at the moment so will definitely check this one out. The first page sure does throw you into the story; blind, head-first creating a gripping narrative full of questions. Love this new meme btw :)

Pen to Paper said...

It definitely does have The Hunger Games vibe to it, doesn't it? :P
I'm not complaining though - I love The Hunger Games (who doesn't?!).
I'm glad you agree about the first page - I think it's a really great one. & I'm glad you love the feature - I've totally fallen in love with it :)

Dani x

Jenn@OwlReadIt said...

Ok,the first page has made me wish I had a The only bad thing about this feature is when I don't have the book available to continue :P I guess that's a good thing in a way though.

When I first heard of this book, I knew I HAD to read it, this has only enforced that. I hope I'll be able to get ahold of a copy of this soon! Thanks for the preview and great choice!

Maji Bookshelf said...

This book was great. The beginning was exciting, it gets a tiny bit boring in the middle but wow, towards the end it is just amazing!

like this meme!

- Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

caroline.taylor078 said...

This just makes me more disappointed I got outbid on this book last week on ebay, seriously though it does sound really good and I absolutely love the cover!

Cierra P said...


I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!
Go to for more details on it and congratulation!

-Cierra @ The Book Lover's Report

emaginette said...

I was in. Great start. :-)

Jaime Lester said...

I just finished up The Forsaken a few weeks ago. I don't know if you have finished it yet, so I won't say much. I hope that you enjoy it all the way through! That's it, all I can say!

Linda Roverson said...

Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful post. I like the way you write.

Bernard Atkinson said...

Oh, this sounds like such a fun read! Thanks for adding another to my TBR list...and one that could potentially be a fun read aloud for a class!
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