Monday, 2 April 2012

Pen to Paper's New Camera!

Okay, so it's true - I have a brand new video camera! It's exciting, I know!
I thought though, instead of typing a load of random babble out into this post, I would do the obvious thing and record a video telling you about it, and thus testing the camera at the same time. It's looking much better than my previous videos already. But enough of that - it's all in the video! 
All feedback is welcome, and hopefully I will have another video for you on Sunday.


jwhitus said...

Very nice!

Passion for Novels said...

I preferred your old camera... it hid your face better!

haha only joking LOVE YOU!

Its a really good picture!!!


Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

Much much better hun!! I hope it wasn't my influence lol. Don't you dare get sending the bill through the post :P xx look forward to more videos!!!!

Vicky said...

Oh my, my camera sucks!! I tried recording a video last time me and my friend went to Vienna but the sound is just crappy! You can't hear a bloody thing :( What type of a camera is yours? I'm thinking about getting a new one too! :) x

Pen to Paper said...

Thanks for the, Gem! :P
I prefer the audio from the other one ... I'm sounding a bit nasal today! :/ Not good.

And Jen, it kind of was ... was looking at getting a better, plug-in webcam, but then thought that that would limit me too much, so went for the slightly more expensive video camera. Can take it on holiday as well though, which is good! :D

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