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Wishlist Wednesday #26

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Fateful by Claudia Gray
Goodreads synopsis:
A tragic tale about falling in love on the world’s most infamous ill-fated sea voyage as heroine, Tess, discovers darker secrets that lie beneath the doomed crossing… and a hidden brotherhood that threaten to tear her lover from her forever. 

The RMS Titanic is the most luxurious ship ever built, but for eighteen-year-old Tess Davies it’s a prison. Travelling as a maid for the family she has served for years, Tess is trapped in their employ amid painful memories and family secrets. 

When she meets Alec, a handsome upper class passenger, Tess falls helplessly in love. But Alec has secrets of his own… and soon Tess is entangled in a dangerous game. A sinister brotherhood that will do anything to induct Alec into their mystical order has followed him onboard. And Tess is now their most powerful pawn. 

Tess and Alec fight the dark forces threatening to tear them apart, never realising that they will have to face an even greater peril before the journey is over… 

New York Times best-selling author Claudia Gray delivers adventure, dark paranormal suspense, alluring romance, and a truly surprise ending, set against the opulent backdrop of the Titanic's first — and last — voyage.

I have requested a review copy of this from the publishers, so hopefully I will be able to review this for Pen to Paper very soon!
It was recommended to me by a book blogger from 'Down Under', Rachel at The Rest is Still Unwritten, and I immediately loved the sound of it. I've not read any of Claudia's stuff before, but it has always been hovering at the edges of my periphery vision, so maybe I should start off reading her books with this one?!
I'm always up for a new story involving the Titanic, so this sounds really interesting.


Elisa said...

I also want to read this book, it sounds really interesting, relates the story with Titanic moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Yea it really reminds me of Titanic too.
BTW how did you make that dotted lines border around the sypnopsis? I've seen a lot of bloggers did that and I've been trying to figure it out for a long time already.

primrose said...

I do hope you get to read it. It looks wonderful.

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