Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Top Ten Tuesday #9

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I had to change this week's post a little because we obviously don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, so this week's post is:

Top Ten Books I want to give as gifts

As I have already given these gifts, and the receivers have been naughty and opened them already, I shall start with these. After these two though, I'm going to have to change this slightly to 'Books I would want to give as gifts' - I don't want to give anything away!

This edition of all 7 Jane Austen novels in one is really beautiful. It's one of the deluxe Barnes & Noble editions that we have been buying into our branches of Waterstone's here in the UK for Christmas, and they're really beautiful. I already have The Picture of Dorian Gray in this edition, and two more different ones on my own Christmas wishlist.
This was a present for my University friend, Abi, who is a big fan of Ms. Austen - and thankfully she really loved this present! Naughty for opening it early though!

I bought this one for my University friend, Gemma (from Passion for Novels) for Christmas. I didn't think she already had it, and knew that it would be just her kind of thing! It's also a special, limited edition - there are only 1500 of these signed editions, and she got number 184 from me. Again, thankfully she loved it - and again very naughty for opening it before the proper day! *tut* :)

Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris is one I talk about whenever I'm given the chance. It's the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series, and the book that started my love affair with all things Charlaine! I actually gave this as a present to my friend last year (along with a bottle of vodka and some chocolate - perfect), and she loved it. I would definitely jump at the chance to buy it for someone else for Christmas.

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde is definitely in my top-ten favourite novels, and I'd love the chance to be able to get it someone for Christmas (it's just that the right person to give it to has not appeared yet - all those I would give it to have already read it!). Jasper's fiction is so unique and quirky - it makes for a wonderful read!

Touch is one of the first ARCs I reviewed for Pen to Paper, and it was a really wonderful read - definitely going down on my top ten for the year! Again though, everyone I would give it to at the moment has either read it already (at my recommendation, of course), or has the eBook downloaded and waiting to be read! Perhaps I will find someone to give it to next year (along with the second in the series, I hope!)

I'm going to be predictable and say that another bookish gift I would love to give is Charlaine Harris's Shakespeare's Christmas. This is the third in the Lily Bard series (and one I shall be reading on Christmas Eve this year), which is a wonderful series. It's also an appropriate Christmas gift. Although, I think I'd have to give it with the previous two in the series - I can't have anyone reading them out of order, can I?!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver was one I read back in the summer (and think I have included in one of these Top Ten posts before), and I absolutely adored it! It's so good that it has to make a perfect Christmas gift. I'm considering it for a friend, but *shhh*

Never Let Me Go is one I've definitely posted about before - it's one of my all-time favourites! So how could I not want to give this as a Christmas present to someone, so they can enjoy it too? I'd just have to think of who first - many of the people I know have already read it - eventually I will find someone to buy it for!

The Radleys is a vampire novel with a twist. I think I'd buy it for someone with a dislike of vampire fantasy fiction, because although it does have vampires as characters, it's more about the dynamics of families, and I think this may just change their minds about the value of fantasy fiction like this.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is one I'd give as a gift to pretty much any reader. It's such a beautiful story, and it's written in such a skillful way that I don't think there would be many readers I know that would not enjoy it.


Carole Rae said...

great list! I wouldn't mind if I got any of these as gifts. =D

Pen to Paper said...

I wouldn't mind either Carole (if I didn't have them already (apart from the Jane Austen collection, but I'm not a fan haha).

:) Glad you like the list!

Nimue said...

Never let me go is such a sad read. I know it's amazingly good as well but still very melancholic. I was wondering about the The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Such an adorable title.

My TTT post

Janiera said...

Great list Delirium and Dark until Dead is an amazing choice.!

Mary-Sweet Bookshelf said...

I've not read a single book on your list! I'm going to check them out!!

Josi Bunder said...

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