Friday, 2 December 2011

**Giveaway Winners**

So, I've had quite a few giveaways going on recently, and I shall be announcing the winners for two different giveaways today.
A while back, some of you may remember, I interviewed author David Kessler (who is also known as Adam Palmer), and hosted a giveaway of his book The Moses Legacy by Adam Palmer for my UK followers.
So, I can now reveal the winner of this giveaway was *drum roll*

Gemma Link@ Passion for Novels

And today, I drew the winners of the International eBook giveaway of the lovely Michelle Scott's Straight to Hell (click here to read my interview with Michelle and click here to read my review). There were two winners of this giveaway, and they were:

& YTO!

Commiserations to all those that didn't win, but there are still plenty of giveaways going on and coming up at Pen to Paper. See the giveaways page, or the left side of my blog for the current giveaway links.


Cean said...

Got the book today :D Thank you so much!

Pen to Paper said...

Glad you got it! :) And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Dani :)

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