Friday, 7 October 2011

Book Blogger Hop #1

I have decided that, for this week at least, I will take part in the Book Blogger Hop, hosted by Crazy For Books. I was mentioned in one of these posts by Jenny at Chocolate Chunky Munkie, so I thought I'd do my own!

For more information on the hop click here.

This week's question is:

“It’s time to spread some love beyond the borders of the Book Blogger Hop! This week, we aren’t answering a question. We are spotlighting our fellow bloggers. Find your favorite(s) author interview(s), guest post(s), book review(s), or bookish article(s) that ANOTHER BOOK BLOGGER featured on their site recently and tell us why you love it/them! As an additional challenge, find your favorite one of EACH of the categories above and spotlight all 4 (interview, guest post, review, article).”

This is a fairly difficult task! Lets see how we get on! In no particular order:

1. One of my four would have to be Jodie at Books for Company. She has recently been posting some discussion posts containing some really useful advice to bloggers on how best to expand your blog and gain more followers. Some really interesting stuff. This is part four of the discussions.

2. My next one is from Calum at The Secret Writer. This is an older post - an author interview of the popular fantasy writer Maria V. Snyder. This is one that I remember particularly well (and not just because I won the giveaway that went along with the interview!) - it's definitely a pleasure to read. Click here to view it.

3. The third is from a newer blogger; Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. Although she's only recently started out (like myself - I have been blogging only just over a month), she is still a fantastic blogger. I particularly like her new friday feature 'Friday Meet and Greet', which is the post I am choosing to link to. She has also set this up as a meme, so you can add your link to the linky and join in too!

4. The final blog I have chosen to feature is Jenny at Chocolate Chunky Munkie, and not just because she featured me in her Book Blogger Hop post this week, but because she is a fantastic blogger, appealing not only to book lovers, but animals and avid bloggers too! The post I have decided to feature proves that. For three weeks now, Jenny has featured a blogger interview (this week she has interviewed Jodie at Books for Company) on her site. I was the first blogger to be interviewed, if you're interested in reading click here).

Now, I obviously haven't been able to mention all the great blogs and bloggers that I follow, which is unfortunate. You can however pop over to my profile page (click here) to see a list of all the blogs I follow, or you can take a look at the blogs I particularly love by clicking their blog buttons on the right-hand side of my blog page! (over there ---->)


Vicky said...

Oh, thank you so much! :) And thanks for all your help as well! <3

Amie@Mom Reads My Books! said...

Great post! Thanks for pointing out some great bloggers!

New follower!

My Hop: Mom Reads My Books

ladystorm said...

Thanks for the great links! Hopping by and a new follower! :)

So many books, so little time said...

Of course I know Jenny and Jodie so will check out the others


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.
Have a great weekend!

Sheri said...

Hi! I am a new follower, and am so glad to have found your Blog.

I actually just posted about finding new Blogs to follow. I hope you also stop by and check out mine. If you have some suggestions for me to look at, please post on mine and let me know. :)

I also have 2 contests going on right now that you can enter, if you’d like.

Have a great weekend!

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

Aw thanks Dani! I feel very humbled :) xxx

Jen x

Roscoe Ramblings said...

New follower from the Lots of Lovin Weekend Hop. Have a great weekend!

PatriciaD said...

Found you from The Clumsy Coquette BlogHop. You have a great site here, I've joined your GFC. I used to read about a book a day but wasn't getting much of anything else done so I had to make myself quit reading for a while till I could get things under control. It was like I needed to go to "readers anonymous" or something. Anyway, now I'm able to read without overdoing. thanks for some new blogs to read, too.

And if you're into digital scrapping, I'd love to have you come visit me at THANKS!

Tina Peterson said...

Linking up from the Weekend Blog Hop! I have a book blog too - for kids @ It's not completely up right now. I had a visitor w/ malware and had to disable it - so I'm slowly moving my posts over to the new address. I will be back again full time after the new year.

Come link up your posts about FALL traditions, crafts, recipes, etc at the Count Your Blessings Blog Hop @ Every Fri-Sun - See ya there!

Elizabeth said...

GREAT did a lot of thinking. :)

Stopping by from the Blog Hop.


Stop by if you like at:

Passion for Novels said...

Some great blogs Dani :)

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