Monday, 19 September 2011

In my Mailbox #1

Today's delivery is a very, very exciting one!
As previous readers may know, one of my all-time favourite authors is Charlaine Harris, and she recently announced the UK release of her 'Sookie Stackhouse Companion', including everything you need to know about Sookie and her world!

Amazon synopsis:
THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE COMPANION is a unique guide to Sookie Stackhouse and her dark fantasy southern-Gothic world, as well as an in-depth look at the award-winning HBO series TRUE BLOOD. The book will feature a brand-new Sookie story and Charlaine's own map of Bon Temps, never before published, with every place of interest in the town, including Merlotte's bar and Sookie's home. Other treats include: * An introduction by Charlaine about the impact Sookie Stackhouse has had on her writing career, and the influence on the genre at large * A large section on the award-winning HBO series TRUE BLOOD * Detailed summaries of each novel and entries on every important character, event and setting in the series, in Sookie's voice. * An overview of Sookie's world, including information on the vampires, shapeshifter/wereanimal, and fairie factions * Interviews with Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball * A selection of favourite Bon Temps recipes.

But don't just leave it to me to convince you that this is a wonderful and exciting occasion! I'll leave you with Charlaine...


Connie Green said...

Hi! New follower from the Meet Me Monday Hop. If you get a chance please visit me at

Hugs,Connie :)

Voguedotcom said...

Will be heading off there now!
While you're here, check out my giveaway :) xx

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

How weird Dani! I ordered this book this morning from Amazon! I just couldn't resist it :D Love the post box pic :)


Voguedotcom said...

I wanted to find a really nice, typically rural England post box :) This one is lovely! Well, as lovely as postboxes can really be, that is!
I really love the companion, I've been having a look through! :D xx

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

I've had confirmation mines been posted - EXCITED!

Jen x

Voguedotcom said...

Yay!! Good times! :D

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