Saturday, 12 September 2009

Meeting the Blogger

Well, my name is Danielle Cotton, but please call me Dani. I live in Birmingham, UK, and have recently finished A levels in Media Studies, Drama and English Literature.
English Literature is my passion, always has been, and probably always will be. I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember (I was one of those kids that used to make a tent out of the bed sheets and sit with a torch, reading after bed time).
Since completing my A level exams, I've had a lot more time for reading, and am currently finishing around a book a week, or sometimes more (depending on the size of the book and my work routine).

Next year (2010) I shall be attending Birmingham City University to study Creative Writing with English, but first I am to complete a gap year. I decided to do this in order to earn some extra money in preparation for leading the poor life of a student (especially in the current economic climate), and also to gain some writing experience. I am currently working on a writing project that I plan to have completed during my year away from education.

Other hobbies of mine include Acting, Singing and listening to Stephen Fry's various audio books.
Stephen Fry is another, pretty large part of my life. I adore his written works (both fiction and non-fiction), and my favourite to date is most-likely 'Stephen Fry in America', it's fascinating. As I said, I also listen to his audio books. Yesterday I purchased 'Stephen Fry's English Delight', a four-part audio book on the delights of the English Language. So far it's pretty incredible to listen to and I have learnt many things about puns and where they originate from. As Stephen Fry once said "Yes there are books, there are tapes, there's wikipedia, in Britain there's the Open University; there are libraries and universities available to all. But to have a wise friend, an erudite and good-natured teacher. Well this is a privilege accorded only a lucky few."
Stephen Fry is my wise friend.

I have an older blog on my wordpress account under the URL of, but have recently decided not to add any more to it. I have set up this new blog in order to record what I learn over my gap year, and my opinions on what I'm reading/writing/listening to. I also want to use this blog in order to carry on developing and expanding my writing skills through practice; so what better way to practice than to blog my daily thoughts and observations?

This is all I shall write for now.
More attention must be turned to learning of things to write as blog content.
I have knowledge to expand.


So many books, so little time said...

I love the background template, was this on here or did you upload it? I am still new to that aspect of things


Voguedotcom said...

I uploaded it. It's from a site called When you download the templates it comes in a ZIP file which also has instructions on how to get the template up and running! xx

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